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Preview of the illustration from the box you’ll get if you buy all the BD/DVDs at HMV!


Episode 7 pretty covers! I think there will be probably only another volume before Ep 7 will end…


So is no one remembering that Law is still chained to the chair

Poor Law

"I do, Mother. He’s my little brother. I understand him, too. I understand him; that’s why it hurts.”  


drawing instead of studying, what else is new

Hi, this is just a general question about anime sales. Is it solely reliant on individual volumes of DVDs/BDs? Would box sets count as well, that get released later? I was just curious, because I know ppl who'd rather buy a whole series than individual cases.

Hi anon! Well, keep in mind that series don’t tend to have a re-release in a box set until years after the anime originally aired so in the short term the individual volumes are the most important ones for the people in charge to know if the show was successful or not in terms of anime sales. After all, making BD and DVDs cost money…

Then there’s the case where certain anime just have box sets and no individual volumes like Gatchaman Crowds or Chihayafuru.

Anyway, every release is important, and if they decide to release a box set after the individual ones is because they expect some kind of profit in doing so. 

I hope this answers your question!


Nekoma cast!

Kuroo Tetsurou - Nakamura Yuuchi
Kenma Kozume - Kaji Yuki
Yaku Morisuke - Tachibana Shinnosuke


lol what you thought I was through with you? :3


Top 9 scans from the Imozuka artbook (compilation of art from No.6 animators).

My favorite parts: center panel text [“I never thought I’d draw two guys kissing” <—art is Shion’s POV as Nezumi reaches forward to kiss him in final scene]; bottom left panel is obvs post-reunion given their clothing…!