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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


Despite my protest post a while ago and since introducing the “please do not repost” request at the bottom of my posts some people still take my scans and reupload them.

Without asking beforehand or crediting. Current scans and older ones. And I’m being completely ignored again when I contact  them about it.

It mostly happens in the Kaji tag so for a while I’ll stop contributing here as much as it kills me.

You can thank the few people who rummage through my archive and repost my scans without credit and think it’s okay to kick the original uploader in the face by ignoring the money, time and genuine love for the fandom they invest.

I’ll still scan other seiyuu (for now) and I’ll still do requests on my side blog but for now I’ll just post Kaji news or screenshots.

Simple solution - don’t repost.

If you see an uncredited seiyuu scan - don’t reblog. 

When someone contacts you regarding a source - don’t ignore them.

Most of the time you only need to scroll down a little further in whatever tag you’re in to see the original upload with its proper source. 

Reblog it from someone who sources their pictures. Tags like “credit to the uploader” are not proper sources.

I know I’m not the only one this is happening to and I know a lot of other people have stopped scanning altogether.

I still want to contribute but for now I’m taking a scanning break.

Thank you for understanding.

ufotable: For UBW, a series!
ufotable: A movie for you, Heaven's Feel! You go Heaven's Feel!
Fate: um--
ufotable: And none for the Fate route bye


Flash animation in Ping Pong


Some people asked us about our special animation technique in the Ping Pong TV series.
In this short video you can see the “insides” of two scenes we worked on for the show.
Animators developed a new digital technique, in order to get slow movements, turnings and big zooms, that would have been very difficult in hand drawn animation.


Nine and twelve


Parasyte anime adaptation starts in October.



Official site: link

If you’re interested in the manga, maybe kodanshacomics release is still in stock at some stores.

Update: switched the pics over ot the ones from Comic Natalie


After knowing he will appear in sinbad no bouken as well.



Poster of the Shonen Hollywood cast that can be obtained by buying the September issue of Seiyuu Grand Prix from certain stores.