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Support for Norn9 in English

I was looking through ANN and they had this article which is mainly about otome games with an interview with Hakuouki producers Norihisa Kochiwa and Tsunekiyo Fujisawa.

In the middle of the interview I read this: 

On that note, how do you think the market in North America is changing for Japanese visual novels? Will you consider releasing similar games in North America, such as Norn 9?

Kochiwa: Hakuouki was the first time we released an otome title in the U.S. However, the market is still very small, and I do not think it will be an easy path. For Norn 9, I believe the quality of the art and the story will satisfy U.S. consumers. If there are enough voices that request it, we would like to make your wishes come true. Please continue to support us!”

We should show support so they can bring Norn9 and more otome games to the West!

And don’t forget to get Bakudan Handan/Sweet Fuse!