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Rose Guns Days will only have 4 seasons.

A couple of days ago it was confirmed by 7thExpansion's official twitter that Rose Guns Days will end at season 4, which will be released in this year’s winter comicket.

The scenario of the visual novel is written by Ryukishi07, who provides some of the characters designs with another 6 additional artists: Jirou Suzuki, Souchirou, Yaeko Ninagawa, Natsunishi Nana, Momoyama Hinase and Takagi Tsuyoshi.

The visual novel has inspired 2 manga adaptations for the first 2 games, a spin-off manga based on character Wayne Uedera and a prequel manga about Rose and the beginning of Club Primavera is going to be serialized in summer.

Rose Guns Days takes place in Japan at the end of World War II.

Devastated in the aftermath of defeat, the Japanese government complies with the Allies’ reconstruction plan and the country begins to recover from the loss after a few years, but America and China intricately divide the nation on a municipal level.Eventually, China’s military districts become Chinatowns, and places controlled by the United States are Americanized. The many Chinese and American immigrants make Japanese people the minority in their own land. Some Japanese are unwilling to accept this fate and secretly gather their strength to challenge the new system.

A girl named Rose Haibara works at the club Primavera and lends money to Japanese people so that they can rebuild their lives. Meanwhile, Leo Shishigami is best known for his reputation among women. Everything begins to change when that legendary man meets Rose in the spring of 1947.